Pwn2Own is a computer hacking contest held annually by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative - ZDI. Contestants are challenged to exploit widely used software and mobile devices with previously unknown vulnerabilities. Winners of the contest receive the device that they exploited and a cash prize. The total prize for each contest is up to millions of dollars.

The 2023 spring edition of Pwn2Own (Pwn2Own Vancouver) was held from 23rd March to 25th March 2022 in a hybrid format where participants are back to competing in-person and in virtual.

Today, we are proud to announce that our researchers have managed to be 2nd place overall.

Nguyễn Tiền Giang has successfully Pwned the Microsoft Sharepoint in the Server Category.

Billy Jheng Bing-Jhong, has successfully Pwned the Ubuntu OS in the Local Escalation of Privilege Category.

Nguyễn Hoàng Thạch has successfully Pwned the VMware Workstation in the Virtualization Category