• Oracle VirtualBox VHWA Use-After-Free Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

    As part of my month-long internship at STAR Labs, I was introduced to VirtualBox and learnt much about bug hunting and triaging, root-cause analysis and exploitation. This post will detail a use-after-free bug I found during the duration of the internship, and specifics on the VM escape exploit that I wrote utilising the bug. The latest version at the point of reporting was VirtualBox 6.1.2 r135662.

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  • TianFu Cup 2019: Adobe Reader Exploitation

    Last year, I participated in the TianFu Cup competition in Chengdu, China. The chosen target was the Adobe Reader. This post will detail a use-after-free bug of JSObject. My exploit is not clean and not an optimal solution. I have finished this exploit through lots of trial and error. It involves lots of heap shaping code which I no longer remember exactly why they are there. I would highly suggest that you read the full exploit code and do the debugging yourself if necessary. This blog post was written based on a Windows 10 host with Adobe Reader.

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  • Adventures in Hypervisor: Oracle VirtualBox Research

    I have been into the vulnerability research field for a while now, and VirtualBox is my very first target. I have learned a lot along the way and I hope that anyone who are interested in escaping hypervisors can find something useful from these notes. I assume that you have some basic knowledge on memory corruption, hypervisor architecture and device I/O.

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